Alistrina de Mann


Alistrina was born on the Isle of Man in the middle of the 10th Century (CE). Her mother ,an Anglo-Saxon from “old Londinium”, returned there when Alistrina was young, leaving her in the care of her Manx father, a merchant by trade. At the age of 8, she was sent across the Irish sea to the monastery, where she learned to read and write, and was put to work assisting the monastic scribes in their duties. She returned home to her father at the age of 13, where she stayed and learned the art of business (or is that the art of war?).

For a short time, Alistrina was married to a Viking; however, he was a cruel man who was eventually declared “Nithing” by his own and sent off into exile. Setting out on her own, she found herself in the city of York (Jorvik in the Danelaw), was adopted into a Viking family there and has learned the art of textile production.

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